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Learn how to build a profitable real estate portfolio, reach financial independence and do so while KEEPING your full time job.

Hello! I’m Kim - I achieved financial independence through real estate investing in just 5 years, while working a full time job, managing my rental portfolio from a distance and raising an active 10 year old. At the end of 2022, I left my corporate sales job earning multiple six figures and took a 7 month sabbatical- all living off my rental property income. I then started a profitable consulting business because I had the time and bandwidth to focus on what I was passionate about, instead of working for someone else's dream. My tools, resources and strategies have helped others quit their jobs and utilize real estate investing as a tool to reach financial independence.

Join the community and learn how to:

  • Build enough passive income to leave your 9-5

  • Learn strategies the professionals use to leverage other people’s money

  • Find the funding required to hit your Financial Independent number quickly

  • Invest in profitable rental properties out of state

  • Manage rental properties from a distance

The Power of Passive Income

This one property may not seem like a big deal. But did you know that this modest house can bring in up to $5,000/month? In Georgia? This is just one of many deals I have architected and if you want to learn the numbers of it, what I did, and how I got it to cashflow, then click on the link below:

As Seen In


$0 - $24,000 per year

Laura S.

I was nervous renting out my basement apartment. I knew I had a good space, but did not want all of the hassle of short term rentals. Kim came in and gave me the guidance needed to list my property, find renters, properly screen and manage my unit myself. I now earn $24,000 or more a year from a space that was only storing junk.

Raising Rents for a $12,000 increase

Amanda D.

I came to Kim when my lease was up with a current tenant. Kim saw that the market rents had gone up significantly from what I was charging and encouraged me to have a conversation with my tenant. Although the current tenant opted not to renew the lease, I was able to quickly find another tenant and place them with out any trouble. This has increased $12,000 to my bottom line.

Six figure profit

Matt T.

I worked with Kim for help with a Seller Financing deal. I originally wanted to flip the property, but it ended up being a much bigger project than I expected. Instead of scrapping the deal and losing money, we structured the deal in a way that I was able to sell it on a Lease with Option to buy- which ultimately when the option to buy is exercised, will equate to six figures in profit.

Managing Rental Properties from a Distance

John B.

I saw Kim speak at a local real estate investor association meeting about managing rental properties from a distance. The market I lived in at the time was too expensive for me to purchase anything- but a few towns over was affordable. I reached out to Kim and she gave me the tools, processes and resources to set up a remote management system for my first property.